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Cannabis Portugal

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Cannabis Portugal - Sobre Cannabis Portugal provides consulting services for investors who wish to initiate and develop the process of producing cannabis in Portugal. We have access to an extended portfolio of farmable land properties and are experienced in intermediating the licensing process required to initiate an industrial project. Cannabis Portugal will assist you with the lease or acquisition of land, recruiting qualified professionals for specific positions and with the bureaucratic affairs related to the licensing of the business with the health, governmental, and agricultural authorities. Why Cannabis? The industry of medical and recreational cannabis will be one of the fast growing sectors of business worldwide in the near future. The number of countries around the world where legislation is being altered to accommodate the legal production of cannabis is expected to multiply in the coming years. And in fact, in August of 2018 the industrial production of cannabis for medical purposes was also legalized in Portugal. Until now, California was known for producing some of the best quality cannabis in the world, because the soil and the weather are comparable to the Portuguese Mediterranean optimal conditions for this type of plant. This phenomenon also explains why both regions are so perfect for the production of top-level wines. Portugal is the European country with the highest amount of sunlight hours per year which makes it perfect for the vegetative/growth period of the plants outdoor development. If we also consider that Portugal has some of the most competitive salary averages in Europe and a very qualified universe of potential workers, with direct access to the European markets and custom exempt circulation of commodities, Portugal will very soon become the best country in the world for the cannabis industry. In fact, the largest cannabis production company in the world, the Canadian Tilray, was pioneer in installing in Portugal their biggest production unit 2 years ago with a goal of 100.000 plants.

Quantung Pharmaceutical Cannabis Export company I I Canabis medicinal Portugal
Quantung Pharmaceutical Cannabis Export company I I Canabis medicinal Portugal

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