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TME Pharma reveals positive NOX-A12 data

Quantung Pharmaceutical export company I
Quantung Pharmaceutical export company I

GLORIA trial shows increased survival levels among newly diagnosed brain cancer patients

TME Pharma – a company concentrating on the development of therapies for treating cancer – has announced a positive update on the survival of first-line glioblastoma patients taking part in the company’s GLORIA trial.

Across the wider GLORIA clinical trial, TME is researching the effectiveness of NOX-A12 among newly-diagnosed brain cancer patients who will not benefit from standard chemotherapy.

Meanwhile, the expanded arm of the study is focusing on the candidate – a CXCL12 inhibitor – in combination with standard of care radiotherapy and bevacizumab.

Following 15 months of the research, 83% of trial patients (five out of six) were still alive. Furthermore, as long as treatment or follow-ups for these patients continues, median overall survival will improve.

The expected median overall survival for patients under existing standard of care, with chemotherapy refractory tumours – and whose tumour remains detectable after surgical intervention – is around ten months.

Aram Mangasarian, chief executive officer at TME Pharma, was encouraged by the results of the study: "Reaching the 15-month survival point with this expansion arm is a significant milestone in our development of NOX-A12 in glioblastoma, and to do so with more than 80% of patients still on study represents a fantastic achievement.”

He added: "This latest set of survival data further underlines the clinically meaningful improvement that this treatment combination of NOX-A12, radiotherapy and bevacizumab could bring over the current standard of care for this challenging indication with extremely poor prognosis.”

“We are building an enviable clinical profile around our lead asset in glioblastoma, which strengthens NOX-A12’s position for potential partnering and our coming discussions with regulators regarding the pathway to market," he concluded.


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