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Export Company

Quantung Pharma - Market leading expertise in the import and trade of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

As a dynamically developing company with an international footprint, the Quantung core activities are in the reimport and parallel import of EU medicinal products, and manufacturing services for third parties.

Our business model includes the import and distribution of patented and non-patented products, generic products, over-the-counter EU medicinal products and  high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and contract.

Worldwide distribution of human, medicines


Soon: veterinary or herbal medicines, pharmaceutical, chemicals, agrochemicals medicinal products.

Quantung Pharmaceutical Cannabis Export company I I Canabis medicinal Portugal

Quantung Pharma, is a pharmaceuticals exporter and importer of high-quality EU medicinal products and has spent more than three decades at the forefront of the market for reimports and parallel imports. Alongside import and distribution activities, our business model also includes trade with high-quality pharmaceuticals, cannabis and soon chemicals, vetenarian and medical devices, as well as contract manufacturing services for third parties.

Our strong partnership ethic in dealings with customers, the long-standing, extensive expertise and our comprehensive product range offered on fair terms form the basis of our long-lasting and successful business relationships.

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Trade with pharmaceuticals

Our Vision

Quantung Pharma, strives to deliver each CLIENT and project full medical potential of the cannabis plant produced to those in need worldwide.

We strongly believe herbal cannabis can, and should, meet all of the existing regulations for medicines. At Quantung we strive to achieve excellence in the medicinal export in human, veterinary, herbal, agrochemicals cannabinoids medicinal products with registration of medicinal cannabis as an official medicine through a regulatory process that is acceptable to patients, regulators, and healthcare professionals.

Our  Mission

Quantung Pharma, aims to bridge the gap between patients’ needs and the regulatory demands of modern medicine by exporting excellent medicinal human, veterinary, herbal, agrochemicals cannabinoids medicinal products products World wide legally using rigorous methods to achieve safety and efficacy.

By offering Pharmaceutical quality cannabis under Nationally and Federally regulated medicinal cannabis legislations and  programs worldwide.

We offer

  • Through an active active follow up program and a commitment to all products, sharing our knowledge through scientific publications;

  • We offer our customers and business partners maximum added value by trading in high-quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as safe and controlled processes along our entire value chain. We put our strong partners- hip ethic, fair terms and the long-stan- ding expertise of our employees into practice every single day.

27+ Years of Experience

Over 214 Satisfied Clients

Medicinal driven Trading Services

Easy & Simple Export Solutions

Constantly Evolving

Established in Europe as a pharmaceuticals Exporter

Quantung Pharma, comprises the pharmaceuticals manufacturer and its subsidiaries, which is the distributor for the English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking world.

Our Philosophy

  • We offer market-leading expertise

  • We value partnerships based on fairness

  • We deliver on our philosophy of 'quality in every respect'

  • We stay open to new business opportunities.

Quantung Pharma 2024

Our 2024 Expansion

Head Office R. D. Congo

Physical operations on 2024

R. D. Congo

Head Office Guinea Bissau

Physical operations on 2024

Guinea Bissau

Head Office Mozambique

Physical operations on 2024


Head Office Uruguai

Physical operations on 2024


Head Office Guatemala

Physical operations on 2024


Head Office Mexico

Physical operations on 2024


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