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Guiding principles

Our customers and business partners have known and trusted us as a pharmaceuticals manufacturer of high-quality EU medicinal products. That's why we stand up for our promise ‘The QUANTUNG Pharma handshake counts’. At the QUANTUNG Pharma, we are guided by the philosophy and values laid out in our guiding principles – in all aspects of our daily work both within and outside of the company. The guiding principles are binding on all employees of QUANTUNG Pharma.

The key elements of the guiding principles are quality and safety, a customer-oriented portfolio and strong partnership ethic, a far-sighted approach to trade, successful employees and market expertise. These form the basis of QUANTUNG's success story, and putting these principles into practice is integral to our corporate culture.

  1. We understand our customers
    We get actively involved in our customer relationships and understand their needs. We demonstrate our utmost professionalism in personal conversations and a constructive, collaborative approach. We act reliably and responsibly.

  2. The QUANTUNG Pharma promise

  3. Efficient decision-making means our customers can expect a rapid service tailored precisely to their needs.

  4. Flexibility and constant development translate to success
    We have the courage and willingness to adapt to and benefit from changing market conditions. We tackle the market's dynamics expertly and enthusiastically, every single day.

  5. We understand the market
    We have lived, understood and developed the import market. Our Know-how of the market makes us an attractive partner to business.

  6. Quality in every respect
    We place the highest standards of quality and professionalism on ourselves and on those with whom we work.

  7. Fairness is the bedrock of our partnerships
    We maintain stable relationships with a cooperative touch both inside and outside the company. We conduct ourselves transparently and fairly.

  8. Innovation drives us
    As a pioneering force in the industry, we are committed to an innovative approach that minimises process complexity and consistently reduces costs.

  9. Our employees are our biggest asset
    The long-standing experience of our employees and their ongoing acquisition of new knowledge provide the optimum basis for our long-lasting customer relationships.

  10. We stay interested and committed
    We support social causes. We take a stance against discrimination and remain open to new ideas.

  11. We are QUANTUNG Pharma
    We are unique. We are responsible for our success, and we are proud of it.

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